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Signed Shirt Mystery Box 2023/24

Signed Shirt Mystery Box 2023/24

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Introducing the 2023/24 Season Signed Shirt Mystery Box - Unveil the Thrill of the Unexpected!

Are you a football aficionado seeking an adrenaline-charged surprise? Look no further than our revolutionary Signed Shirt Mystery Box, designed to exhilarate die-hard enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey that adds an electrifying twist to your collection.

Select from three enticing tiers of mystery box intrigue: the Standard Box, the Premium Box, and the Ultimate Box. Priced at a mere £99.99, with an estimated value surpassing £80, the Standard Box promises the delight of one authentically signed shirt. Ascend to the Premium Box, available at just £109.99 (with an inherent value exceeding £110), for an exciting chance to secure not just one, but possibly two, signed shirts that'll ignite your passion. For the aficionado seeking the pinnacle of surprise, the Ultimate Box, a mere £139.99 for an estimated £140+ worth, presents an unparalleled opportunity for the ultimate fanfare with one or even two signed shirts to cherish.

Wondering about the treasure trove of shirts you might find? Fret not! Our website meticulously showcases the available shirts for each team, affording you the luxury of informed choice before you seal the deal. And here's the kicker: you're virtually guaranteed to unearth a collection that trumps the box's cost.

So, why delay the gratification? Gift yourself or a fellow devotee a ride on the rollercoaster of excitement with our 2023/24 Season Signed Shirt Mystery Box. Unleash the thrill of unveiling insane value and claim your piece of football history today!




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The shirt is brand new with tags and size S-XXL

Item is shipped with proof of postage and tracking so you can see where it is up to your door. The item is shipped within 1-3 business days.

This shirt is the highest quality replica kit 


The item takes 1-3 days to prepare. Once shipped it takes 7-15 days to arrive worldwide.

The shipment is sent by China Express Post

The item is sent tracked so you can see where it is up until your door.